Time to Order Parking Permits?

by Maverick Label | July 25, 2019

Custom or Quick Design Online

Summer is the time to be thinking about ordering new parking permits for your school, hospital, residential association, or other organization with a parking lot to protect. New students, residents, nurses, or home owners will be starting to need parking soon. (But it’s too early to say “back to school” so we’re not going to!)

Your parking permit is something the public and your users will see every day. Make it stand out. Not already using parking permits? You may want to start; parking permits are a security feature. Spot unauthorized vehicles easily, and keep them from filling up your space (keeping it clear for your users).

What We Offer

We offer hang tags and window decals. Over the years, we’ve seen what people order most often, and we’ve simplified our offerings to those two styles of permit, in the most popular shape, size, and material for each. So you only need to decide a few things, even with customized tags or permits.

If you have specialized requests, like front and back printing, holographic security needs, etc., please contact Customer Care via chat on the Parking Permit page or using either the phone number or email posted in the header at the top of every page.


  • Hang tag - deluxe white plastic holds up to prolonged outdoor use in heat/cold/sun
  • Window decal - your choice of clear polyester w/face adhesive or clear static cling (for use inside vehicle)


  • Hang tag - 2.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches long
  • Window decal - 3x3 square

Low Minimum Orders

We have low minimum orders (although larger orders may receive greater price breaks):

  • Quick design styles - 125 minimum
  • Custom designs - 50 minimum

What’s the Difference Between Quick & Custom?

“Quick design” permits come with up to three lines of text. Many customers include the parking lot name or number, an expiration date, user type (guest, faculty, student, resident, employee, etc.) or other information, in addition to their logo. We add your logo, serial numbering, and a barcode for no charge. The tag is printed in one color from our 26 options (for better visibility, serial numbers and barcodes are always printed in black, regardless of the color you choose).

Custom permits or tags allow you to use full color anywhere on the tag or decal. If you want a customized hang tag, download our design template so you can make sure your artwork works with the layout. Window decals are 3x3 inches; be sure your design will work within those constraints. Pricing is equivalent to that of the quick design tags, but printing may take longer, depending on your design.

More About Quick Design

If you want to go with the quick design, you can order tags or decals with your logo under 2 minutes! To create and view a quick design, go to our Parking Permits quoter page. Note: If you plan to add a logo, be sure have a copy of your logo - in .png, .jpg (.jpeg), .gif, .tiff (.tif), or .bmp format only - ready to upload. The quick design you choose will appear at the right of the page, and will change as you add more details, so you can see how it will look immediately.

Our quick design program allows you to choose from 6 different layouts, 26 different colors, and five different fonts. The fonts (Helvetica, Arial, Arial Black, Times, or Futura) in available in regular, bold, and/or italic and three different sizes (small, normal, and large). Serial numbering - with barcode or without - is also available.

Truly Quick Design

When we say it’s quick design, we mean it. In this video, we go from the main page of our site to a completed hang tag parking permit quote in 80 brief seconds - and that’s with changing template designs, colors, and font to show you what it looks like! As you can see, quick design lets you see the changes you’re making as you make them.

Once you have your design and have added a quantity, the price will appear. At that point, you can either save the quote and email a copy of it to yourself or to others for approval. The saved price will be good for 30 days, even if our costs go up. Or you can continue - this gives you another chance to look over the details and then either save it or add it to your cart and complete the order.

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