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by Maverick Label | March 07, 2019

Questions about Labels? Live Chat with Us

Start a Chat

A chat window will come up at least once every time you enter our website. If you dismiss it by clicking on the x in the upper right, it generally will not come back again during that session.

Click "Chat Now" in the header bar

You can always request a chat by going up to the header and clicking on the “Chat Now” link. Chats are never automated here, you always start off immediately with a person. (You can see who you’re chatting with by checking the name under the MaverickLabel icon.)

According to my log, we fielded 7,417 chats over the past year. April & May were peak months, and 10 AM Pacific appears to be the peak time. Wait time is lowest between 7-9 AM. Chat requests are increasing.

Our three main “chatters” are Donene, Connie, and Sadie. Scott, Julie, Matt, and Stacy pitch in on an as-needed basis, or when the chat is with a client they’ve worked with in the past. If you start a chat with one person, the chat can be passed on to another.

If you have an assigned representative, your chat can be switched over to that person without losing any of the information you’ve already shared. If your assigned rep isn’t available at the moment, we can also take your information or request and forward it to that individual. 

Chat Functions

Many people prefer to call rather than chat, and that’s great. But if you start a chat, and realize you’d be better able to explain what you need verbally, phone calls can be triggered from right within the chat, giving us more flexibility to help you.

Reps can share links with you, too, making it easy to share quotes or show you specific product pages. Once you’re on the page  for the labels you want, you can create your own quote - it’s nice to be able to see the price change as you change specifications. We can share files within a chat as well, but we recommend that you email those to [email protected] rather than sharing them within the chat. That means we’ll be able to find the files more easily in the future. 

While our chat will disguise any credit card numbers when creating a transcript, we suggest that you don’t enter those, for your own security.

Our website is, of course, always open. Our chat hours, however, are 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific time.

Most Common Questions

  • Is that pink line in my proof going to be on my label? No, it shows you where the edges of the label are.
  • How do I reorder asset tags with the next set of serial numbers? Our agents can set this up for you immediately if you have your past order number and the serial number you want to start the new order with.
  • Can I see a proof of my label before I purchase it? No, we have to have an order to create a proof. If you don’t approve of the proof, you can request changes to it, or cancel your order. Want to see samples of the colors or materials? Request those from most product pages using the Free Samples button. If you want samples of more than one product, add a note to the request with that info. A real person reads all the sample requests and will send all your requested samples.
  • I can’t log into my account. We can send a reset password email to you. If your company has an account, but you need the user name or user email changed, we can do that for you as well, although we may require additional information from you for that.
  • What’s the turnaround time? It depends on what you order. Stock items are 24 hours - or same day if you submit your order in the morning. Others vary based on materials and complexity. When you order, you will receive information on the turnaround time for your specific order. Note that the turnaround time begins after the proof is approved, not when the order is received.

Who Do We Talk To?

Most chats originate in North America (US, Canada, Mexico) but we’ve chatted with customers on every continent except Antarctica. (Surely someone at McMurdo Station has questions about asset tags only we can answer - get online with us!) Last month alone, chats came in from Peru, Bulgaria, Australia, Ghana, Germany, India, Poland, Pakistan, and Georgia (the one in Eastern Europe).

Funniest Chats

  • Someone’s cat initiated a chat. We’re still convinced that the cat wanted “World Domination” labels, but his human terminated the chat before we could get his information.
  • A visitor from Portland, Maine wrote us a love song. It happened to start with “Raspberry beret, the kind you buy at a secondhand store.” Sadly, our chats don’t have sound!