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Removable Window Decals and Stickers: What to Choose?

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Removable window decals are a smart addition to many storefronts and business vehicles. With high-quality ink in a variety of colors, Maverick Label makes it possible to flaunt your business’s message without the permanent commitment of window paint or printed signs. Learn more about window decals and stickers, and find out how to choose the best product and design for your needs.

Why Choose Removable Window Decals?

Removable window decals and stickers serve a variety of purposes for businesses in many industries. Custom window decals for business come in handy whether you are renting your current office or retail space or you’ve got seasonal messaging to display for your customers. Custom window decals can be used to update your clients about your business hours, communicate information about sales and promotions, or add color and personality to your space.

In many places of business, the entryway features plenty of windows. Instead of letting this space go wasted, leverage custom window decals for business to communicate with your customers and show off your personality. Businesses with a mobile component or with company vehicles can also lean on this strategy for spreading the word about their services and offerings.

Types of Decals

Permanent Adhesive

In some situations, businesses need custom window decals that are not meant to be removed. Whether you need to add permanent branding or decorations to fitting room mirrors or you’d like to include your hours of operation or awards information on a glass door, permanent adhesive is likely the best option. This type of adhesive is stronger than others, which is excellent for providing a durable decal. On the other hand, if you do decide to remove a custom window decal with permanent adhesive, it may leave a residue behind.

Static Cling

On the other end of the spectrum, static cling window decals can be removed and replaced as many times as needed. As the name suggests, these decals use static cling to attach to windows and glass instead of adhesive. These are extremely easy to move and do not leave any residue behind.

Individuals who use their vehicle for both personal and business purposes may enjoy using static cling decals to advertise their business, then removing them when needed. Seasonal designs that you’d like to store and reuse may also be a great fit for static cling decals. However, because they come off so easily, this is generally not the right type of decal for important store information.

Removable Window Decals

Removable custom window decals are perfect for displaying information about sales, promotions, new awards, or upcoming events. They are easy to remove and reposition several times, and they won’t leave any pesky residue in their wake. Short-term messages are the ideal application for this type of custom window decals for business. In addition, many mobile businesses and company car drivers prefer removable window decals for their cars so that they don’t have to worry about any residue when they eventually remove or replace their car decals.

Front Adhesive vs. Back Adhesive

When ordering your custom window decals, you’ll need to specify whether you need front adhesive or back adhesive.

Decals with front, or face, adhesive are those that stick to the inside of a transparent surface (generally glass). For example, if you place a decal on the inside of your storefront window with a design meant to be seen from outside, you will need decals with face adhesive. This also comes in handy for display cases and car windows, since this design keeps the decal and adhesive out of the elements.

Stickers or decals with back adhesive are more standard. Instead of having adhesive on the same side as the design, these decals feature adhesive on the backside. These are generally placed on the outside of a glass or plastic surface. For example, retail stores may use custom decals with back adhesive to add a message or design to their fitting room mirrors.

Design Tips

Creating a beautiful design for your custom window decals will help them get the job done as desired! Keep these tips in mind as you design your decals.

  1. Consider the overall purpose. Are you making decals to brighten up your store? To communicate important information? To give a quick update on a future event? Depending on the intended purpose, you’ll choose design options that best align with your desired impact. For example, if your main goal is to add personality to your space, you might opt for brighter colors. On the other hand, if you aim to inform customers about an upcoming store closing, you’ll likely choose more straightforward fonts and colors.
  2. Choose location beforehand. In order to properly plan out the size and adhesive type for your custom window decals, you’ll need to know what space you’re working within.
    Select colors strategically. The colors you include in your decals should grab attention without feeling obnoxious or off-brand. With Maverick Label, you can choose up to three ink colors for your decal – including one free! Especially where text is involved, be sure to select contrasting colors for easy reading.
  3. Keep your brand at the forefront. As you design your decals, opt for shapes and colors that match the overall aesthetic of your brand and your existing visuals. Maverick Labels even allows for custom shapes and sizes so you can incorporate your branding into every aspect of your decals!
  4. Prioritize clarity. Especially with removable decals, it’s easy to get carried away designing something eye-catching and fun. However, it’s most important to communicate your intended message to your target audience. Opt for the clearest, easiest-to-read options when in doubt.

There’s no reason to feel stuck in your messaging and decor! With removable decals and stickers, it’s easy to implement seasonal and temporary decorative accents or informational signage. Make a statement, spread the word about your next sale, and leave a lasting impression with custom window decals for business. Get started today!