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Key Features of Equipment Labels

Equipment label on equipment.

The safety and security of employees and the equipment they use are key to finding success and ensuring customer satisfaction. One critical component of achieving these standards and meeting needs is using high-quality equipment labels.

Heavy-duty stickers for equipment and assets must remain functional and readable throughout their entire lifecycle, meaning you need labels that will stand the test of time. Let’s dive into the key features of Maverick equipment labels to better understand how they’ll stick with you through thick and thin.

Equipment Labels: What They Are and How They Can Serve You

Maverick equipment labels are durable markings that can withstand the toughest of indoor and outdoor conditions with ease. Often, machinery or technology solutions need equipment labels to inform employees of safety procedures or potentially hazardous material.

Because of that, our equipment labels are highly important. There’s nothing to stop you from displaying all the necessary information or markings on any product with a smooth ordering process and simple application.

Although equipment labels can be used however you see fit, the most popular uses we’ve seen are:

  • Blocking out mistakes on other labels or products.
  • Creating temporary labels for mirrors or glass.
  • Ensuring the security of equipment.
  • Placing high-quality branding or tagging on products.

Now, you may be curious about how Maverick equipment labels differ from our other product labels. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Both are important, but each has very distinct uses that you don’t want to mix up.

Equipment Labels Vs. Traditional Labels

While traditional labels are useful, they’re less able to withstand temperature changes, water, abrasion and fading. Equipment vinyl and polyester labels are created with harsh climates in mind, and they’re extremely durable. Equipment labels are also made for different uses than traditional labels. They’re not created for branding or organizational purposes — they help companies meet safety compliance requirements and track valuable equipment.

There’s room at the table for every type of label, but for industrial purposes, you’re going to want a strong contender that’s able to withstand every type of force that nature can throw at it.

Key Features of Maverick Equipment Labels

If you’re in the market for equipment labels, it’s safe to assume you need a high-quality solution that won’t let you down. Well, we’re happy to report that our labels are equipped with several features that go above and beyond the competition’s offerings.

All Maverick equipment labels are heatproof, weather-resistant, dishwasher safe and chemical-resistant. On top of the general long-lasting nature of these labels, they’re also rated for one to seven years of outdoor durability depending on the type of material selected, so you never have to worry about the quality of the label over time.

Whether you need thousands of labels or just a handful, we offer flexible ordering. While other label companies make you order large quantities of products at once, Maverick enables you to order the amount that you actually need — even just one label. In addition, our equipment labels can be customized to fit any size and shape request using our digital cutter rather than traditional “dies,” delivering not only the exact label you need but also at a more affordable rate.

How To Pick the Right Material

Before picking the correct type of label, you should know what types of materials are available to you. Our five most popular materials include:

  • Polyester.
  • Lexan®.
  • Standard vinyl.
  • Elephant grip vinyl.
  • Convex vinyl.

Within each material type, there are several color and style options to choose from depending on your needs. Here are some of our most ordered equipment labels:


Polyester is well-suited for industrial applications that will cause the label to be exposed to physical stress or high temperatures. The most popular colors are metalized matte silver and gloss white.


Lexan® labels are great for subsurface printing jobs. To achieve maximum protection on the printed surface after the application of this style of label, you should print on the bottom side. Although there are colored options for these equipment stickers, the most-ordered style is clear.

Vinyl – Standard 4 Mil

Another highly requested product is standard 4 mil vinyl, made from a material that can be used for a wide variety of applications. It’s most commonly ordered for equipment labels because it’s economical, durable and accepts every printing color and foil option available. Some popular tints include gloss white, matte white, matte black, semi-gloss yellow, block-out white and clear.

Vinyl – Elephant Grip 4 mil

Elephant grip 4 mil vinyl in white is a permanent adhesive that has grown in popularity over the years. It works wonderfully for people looking for a non-temporary solution.

Convex Vinyl

If you’ll be placing your labels on curved or rounded surfaces, then a convex vinyl may be your best option. The most highly requested colors of this tape are clear and white.

No two applications are the same: To pair the correct label material to your need, consider how you’ll use that label in the end. Some of the most common uses are in industrial settings, hospitals, on control panels and outdoor products.

Benefits of Durable Equipment Labels

With Maverick equipment labels, you’re guaranteed a product that will last. Whether the label is used in outdoor or indoor environments, the material will be able to withstand harsh chemicals, weather conditions, wear and tear and more.

It’s also not just about durability. We offer unmatched design services that can create exactly the visual impact you’re looking for. Whether you need a colorful label or a plain option, there is a style that works for every single application and need, including ANSI safety colors.

And if you need even more reason to pick Maverick as your equipment label provider, our products are less expensive than other companies’ offerings due to our cutting and printing methods, even for low-quantity orders with a timely turnaround.

If you’re ready to put our equipment labels to the test, then contact us to get an order started.