Our 25th Anniversary (1994-2019)

by Maverick Label | January 15, 2019

MaverickLabel 25th anniversary seal

25 Years, By the Numbers

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary all this year. From 1994 to 2019, our greatest strengths have always included our employees.

When we started looking at ways to celebrate, one of the first things we did was take note of how many of our people have stayed with us for so much of the ride. It's kind of amazing!

Departmental Averages

MaverickLabel tenure

Almost three-quarters - 74% - of our full-time staff have been with us for more than 5 years. Almost 20% have been with us for more than 15 years! The largest portion of our staff, 35%, have been with us between 5-10 years. We look forward to seeing the “over 10 years” percentage grow in the next few.

We broke down the departments by years as well. Our Production staff came in with the lowest number, at an average of 7.17 years per full-time staff member. This may be because they have an excellent training program, and other departments have been known to go poaching in Production and lure their staff away to Customer Care, IT, even Accounting!

MaverickLabel tenure by dept

Our developers and software engineers come in at 8.25 years - great when you consider that the usual average for these positions at a tech company is between 18-24 months!

The entire staff averages out with a tenure of 8.55 years. Our Sales and Customer Care staff have great experience, with an average of 9.38 years at MaverickLabel - they are truly label authorities.

Management leads the pack, with an average 11.75 years. But that’s hardly surprising when you consider that that designation includes employees #1 (Rick), #2 (Mark), and #3 (Scott)!

Employee Profiles in 2019

These group stats doesn’t really tell you much about our employees individually, but they’re a great, interesting, smart, and creative bunch. We hope to profile a number of them in the blog over the course of our 25th anniversary year.

Other Fun Numbers

The split among full-timers is 51% male, 49% female; if you add in our part-timers, that changes to 53% female, 47% male.

Six hair colors seen in the office but not found in nature: Purple, indigo, teal, pink, bright yellow, and peach. 14% of staff sported these shades in 2018. Will we see MaverickLabel red this year?

Our office dogs seem to run in threes: - Daily work dogs: Sookie, Caution, August (story coming soon!) - Frequent doggie visitors: Sadie, Tully, Whiskey - Occasional drop-bys: Moon, Cecil, Jack Daniels - In memoriam: Lucy, Makita, Turk (And one visit by a very brave cat!)