Our Match My Label Program

by Maverick Label | May 11, 2020

Match My Label form - easy to complete

Do you have labels that another company made for you in the past and want to compare pricing? Need as exact a match as possible, but aren’t sure of the materials, die cuts, or color process used?

Our online order process is easy, but not the most useful in these cases. Use our Match My Label program!

We make online ordering easy. In many cases, you can create, price out, and order your labels online on our site without talking to anyone.

In some cases, though, you need more help. Our knowledgeable customer care reps are available via chat, email, or phone. They can answer many of your questions that way.

But sometimes, only an example will do. Complicated label, not sure of materials or terms? Don't try to describe your needs in an email or over the phone. Instead, submit our Match My Label form, along with an example label. We’ll give you pricing for the closest match possible.


Our customer care reps have over 75 combined years of experience with labels. One look and feel, and they can match up your label with our colors, materials, and press capabilities quickly and easily.

Quick & Easy Process

This matching service is free, but in order to get the best possible match, we need information (and a physical sample of your past label if at all possible).

Fill Out the Match Form

The Match My Label form has 7 questions, plus a field for comments. These questions will help us narrow down the specifics of your label, so we can get the best price and setup for your individual case.

Note that one of the questions asks for number of labels and gives you space for up to three quantities. This is handy if you need different lots or versions of the same label. (Say, you want 1000 in blue with one product name, 1000 in red with another product name, and 2,500 in yellow with a third product name.)

In the Additional Information or Instructions field, tell us a bit more about how you plan to use the label. Or explain any problems you may have had with the originals. We can suggest options to make your new set of labels better than the last.

Attach a Label

If you have one available, attach one of your labels to the Match My Label document. Mail the completed PDF (download available here), with the attached label, to us at:

MaverickLabel - Match My Label Program
120 West Dayton Street, Suite A-7
Edmonds, WA 98026

It’s much easier and faster to match an actual, physical sample of your label. It means we can select similar materials, laminates, textures, and color process, to get the truest match possible. This is especially true if you don’t recall what material was used or what colors were selected.

However, if you don’t have a physical sample available, you can email us the completed PDF. Include as much information about the label material, laminate, and colors as possible, along with any photos. Close-ups and images of the label in use are particularly helpful.