Why Does Your Company Need Parking Permits?

by Maverick Label | November 26, 2011

Parking Permits Help with Safety and Happiness

Parking Permits with HologramIf you are a business owner with employees and a parking lot (or lots), you may be thinking about parking permits. "They're such a hassle, and so expensive," you may be telling yourself. And, "Who really needs parking permits anyway?" may be something else you're thinking. Well, this article is dedicated to discussing the benefits of parking permits. After reading, I'm thinking you may just change your tune.

1. Parking permits help curb serious safety issues. Parking permits are often the first step to employee safety. Parking permits help you to more clearly know which employees are actually on your company's premises and which ones are not. By keeping track of who may have come in early or is staying late - you'll have a good sense of employee safety. Employees deserve to be kept safe if they are working alone, or nearly alone, in your office / building. Through the use of parking permits, your security staff can easily be aware of who is on the promises at all times.

2. Work time saved. Having parking permits can help if there is trouble with an employee's car during the day. "How's that," you may ask. Well, here's one example… Your security staff does a routine inspection of the office parking lot. They find a car with a flat tire. Immediately they check the parking sticker and are instantly able to tell whom the car belongs to. They call the employee and help him / her call an auto mechanic who comes to fix the tire while still at work. The employee doesn't miss much work taking care of the flat tire. This also helps to keep your employees happy, as they aren't coming out to the parking lot at the end of the day to a flat tire!

3. Ensure unwanted persons are kept out of your office / place of business. In today's fast-paced world of new hires, turnover and layoffs, parking permits are one of the best ways to keep employees who belong on your premises there and those who don't - out! A disgruntled employee should not be given access to your company except under your knowledge. Without parking permits, you'll have far less control of these type situation.s Those without recent and updated parking passes will have to sign in and provide identification. If a former employee has to come back to your company premises for some reason, your company will have a good watch over the situation. Without parking permits, this could be easily turn into a sticky situation.

Parking Permits4. Employees like parking permits. Some employees may state that they don't like getting parking permits renewed or that making sure the permits are always in their car is a "hassle." But, most employees understand and like the safety that comes with having parking permits. And, more, it confirms that they are part of the team! Giving employees parking permits is one simple way to support them. It also reminds employees where they should / should not park and affords you the ability to require certain departments to park in a specific area / areas, which can help to build team spirt as well as add safety in that you can designate parking areas for varying shifts to ensure employees are walking to and from their vehicles in groups. A parking permit is considered an employee benefit by many.

"Okay, you've convinced me" - you might be saying right about now. "How do I go about ordering my new company parking permits?" Ah, that's the easy part. We explain everything you'll need to know on this Parking Permits page of our site. You'll need to pick a shape and then start your design. This can include your company logo, motto, and much more. Many parking permits include information such as the driver's license number and license plate number of each individual employee.

Keep your employees safe and give them parking permits today!

Mark Trumper – CEO MaverickLabel.Com